Some projects may require the use of special materials. Techniques can be done on any pottery piece. Specific pieces are subject to each studio's availability. Please call the studio to ask about doing this project today!

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Eagan Sweethearts Plate

Sweethearts Plate

Eagan Berry Love Bowl

Berry Love Bowl

Eagan Butterfly Vase

Butterfly Vase

Eagan Sunshine Platter

Sunshine Platter

Eagan Little Chick Egg Plate

Little Chick Egg Plate

Eagan Hoppy Easter Mug

Hoppy Easter Mug

Eagan Easter Bunny Plate

Easter Bunny Plate

Eagan Mommy's Monster Cup

Mommy's Monster Cup

Eagan Mother's Garden Platter

Mother's Garden Platter

Eagan Dino-Mite Dad Plate

Dino-Mite Dad Plate

Eagan Hooked on Dad Mug

Hooked on Dad Mug

Eagan Number One Dad Plate

Number One Dad Plate

Eagan Flamingo Travel Cup

Flamingo Travel Cup

Eagan Watermelon Plate

Watermelon Plate

Eagan Pineapple Plate

Pineapple Plate

Eagan Franken Cute Plate

Franken Cute Plate

Eagan Spider Plate

Spider Plate

Eagan Cutest Pumpkin Plate

Cutest Pumpkin Plate

Eagan Gobble Platter

Gobble Platter

Eagan Pie Server

Pie Server

Eagan Mitten Mug

Mitten Mug

Eagan Penguin Pals Plate

Penguin Pals Plate

Eagan Dreidel Plate

Dreidel Plate

Eagan Love and Lights Plate

Love and Lights Plate